Sierra Vista, Cochise County and the City of Bisbee Brace Against Public Corruption Charges for 2016

January 24, 2016

Sierra Vista, Cochise County and the City of Bisbee are bracing for a series of lawsuits and charges of public corruption, that are being investigated by several federal and state agencies. Several separate lawsuits are filed or coming soon.

Mayor Badal Points to Scott ReissFormer Bisbee Mayor Adriana Badal, and Bisbee City Council member, Serena Sullivan are defending themselves in a defamation lawsuit filed by a former Bisbee business owner and his daughter. The lawsuit accuses local Bisbee vigilantes of several crimes and an organized conspiracy that violates their civil rights. The Notice of Claim against Bisbee has a 53 million dollar claim for civil rights violations, and other serious charges.

Sierra Vista has an ongoing investigation that has led to an 80 million dollar civil rights claim against the city.

Both the Bisbee and Sierra Vista complaints have allegations that are believed to lead to charges against Cochise County.

This reporter has been investigating and collaborating with other journalists regarding these ongoing lawsuits and investigations.

More to come, soon…


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