Border Patrol BORTAC Agent Brian Terry Killed in Firefight

A Naco based Border Patrol agent was killed near Rio Rico yesterday in a firefight between a BORTAC SWAT team and armed bandits. Agent Brian A. Terry, 40 was shot and killed in an encounter with suspected bandits at approximately 11 PM.

The Arizona Daily Star has the story

List of Border Patrol Agents Killed in the Tucson Sector:

Michael V. Gallagher, 2010, crash.

David Webb, 2006, crash.

Nicholas Greenig, 2006, crash.

George DeBates, 2004, crash.

Alexander Kirpnick, 1998, shot by drug smugglers

Victor Ochoa, 1983, crash.

George Pringle, 1940, crash.

Lon Parker, 1926, killed in shootout with liquor smugglers.

William McKee, 1926, shot by liquor smugglers.