Author: Charles August

Trump Authorizes Lethal Force on Mexican Border


President Trump’s U.S. military deployment at the southern border has been authorized to use lethal force in response to civil disturbances at ports of entry, according to Pentagon documents obtained exclusively by The Young Turks.

The documents, marked For Official Use Only (“FOUO”), reveal that during civil disturbance operations, certain military personnel have been granted “lethal capability” to protect soldiers in riot control formation at ports of entry. Military personnel are also permitted, the documents show, to use “deadly force” to protect other personnel engaged in border security operations and even to protect property.”

CNN Investigates Vigneto Village and Interior Department Favors

A proposed housing development in Arizona was put on hold in 2017 because of environmental concerns, but a secret meeting between the developer and the man President Trump would appoint as Interior Secretary led to the deal getting back on…

Naco Inspires A TV Series

Gustavo Loza, a successful television producer and director of Mexican comedies, including Los Heroes Del Norte, has created a new TV series based on families and friends living on both sides of the border in Naco Sonora and Arizona.

“It’s a dramedy that tells us about the lives of two best friends since childhood. One lives in Naco, Sonora and the other in Naco, Arizona, divided by the fence. Twenty years later they meet again and decide to start an adventure tour and travel agency which is nothing more than a business to cross migrants,” he said about the plot.

Freeport-McMoRan Flirts With Bankruptcy

Anyone who watches the fortunes of Bisbee has to monitor Freeport-McMoRan, the conglomerate that absorbed Phelps Dodge in 2007. Now the debt gambling giant is stumbling towards bankruptcy.

The New York Times blames the oil slump for the spending spree that has forced Bisbee’s corporate lords to begin selling off assets.

Will the old Phelps Dodge holdings go up for sale, along with Bisbee’s mines?

Bisbee Plastic Bag Ban Wins Again

Last Tuesday, City of Bisbee Council Voted 4 to 3 in favor of the ordinance banning plastic bags in the Bisbee city limits. Lots of heat, as our local Tea Party wrangles another loss.

Despite the complaints about this being a taxation without represention, the City of Bisbee will continue to be the most progressive and diverse town in Arizona.