David Morgan Publishes Dever Accident Reports and Photos

October 14, 2012

David Morgan, of the Cochise County Record, has obtained and published photos, and reports from the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, regarding the details of Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever’s death last month while driving his truck.

David obtained everything available regarding the death of Sheriff Dever, and has withheld autopsy photos, while releasing the written reports and some accident area photos.

All photos courtesy of David Morgan, and the Cochise County Record

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David Morgan reports:

In the matter of the death of Larry Albert Dever (Sheriff of Cochise County, AZ at the time of his death) in a single-vehicle accident in the Kaibab National Forest southwest of Flagstaff, AZ. The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office did the accident investigation with assistance of experts from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. The autopsy was performed by the Coconino County Medical Examiner.

The bottle of Hiram Walker 90 Proof Peppermint Schnapps, if drunk rapidly, would be consistent with the blood-alcohol content of .291 found in Mr. Dever’s blood. For people who weigh less than the Sheriff, this amount of alcohol is sufficient to cause an overdose, followed by death.

For a person with Mr. Dever’s weight, this much alcohol will lead to loss of consciousness, and fatalities if driving.

No one knows a person’s motives, or state of mind, except the person who inhabits those thoughts.

The facts will never illuminate the last thoughts and decisions of Larry Dever, and trying to find a story beyond the facts of this tragedy will only lead to morbid speculations, without any more proofs than that contained in Mr. Dever’s truck.

If you do not believe the evidence, I recommend drinking over half a bottle of Schnapps in a few quick gulps, and see if you live to tell your tale.

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One Response to David Morgan Publishes Dever Accident Reports and Photos

  1. Peter on October 15, 2012 at 06:10

    The partially consumed bottle of Schnapps is not, in itself, very good evidence of how much alcohol Dever drank prior to his accident. You would have to know if, in fact he had consumed it and, if he had, over what what period of time. A blood alcohol level of 0.291 only indicates the percentage of alcohol that was present in the total amount of blood in Dever’s system. By itself, the BA level isn’t evidence of how much alcohol was consumed. That’s calculated by knowing the total volume of a person’s blood. That volume can be approximated by knowing Dever’s body weight, so if you know how much he weighed, you can estimate how much alcohol he had consumed. And, as you noted, the BA level is also dependent on the time frame during which the alcohol was consumed. Other factors, such as the quantity of food present in the digestive system also affect the BA level.

    You’ve recommended that anyone who doesn’t believe the evidence (half a bottle of Schnapps found in Dever’s truck) drink that much in a few quick gulps. I would caution anyone reading that, not to try it. A person who weighed less than Dever, would have had a higher BA than 0.291 if he had consumed the same amount of alcohol.

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