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Fort Huachuca Loses 11th Signal Brigade Headquarters

The 11th Signal Brigade Headquarters is moving from Fort Huachuca, to Foot Hood, Texas. Without the Border Patrol and the Fort Huachuca payrolls, Cochise County would be in a deep recession.

According to Bill Hess, of the Sierra Vista Herald, the 40th Expeditionary Signal Battalion will remain at the fort. Moving the 11th HQ will lose at least one hundred jobs, while 500 jobs will remain with the 40th Battalion.

David Morgan Publishes Dever Accident Reports and Photos

David Morgan, of the Cochise County Record, has obtained and published photos, and reports from the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, regarding the details of Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever’s death last month while driving his truck.

David obtained everything available regarding the death of Sheriff Dever, and has withheld autopsy photos, while releasing the written reports and some accident area photos.

Larry Dever Was “Extreme DUI” When His Truck Rolled – Blood-Alcohol Three Times the Limit

Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever was “legally impaired,” driving under the influence of alcohol when he fatally wrecked his truck last month. A statement released by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office late Friday afternoon confirms this. His blood alcohol was above the legal limit, beer and liquor containers were found in the truck.

Mexican Troops Capture Suspects in Border Patrol Agent Killing

Mexican troops captured the suspected killers of Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie, within hours of the fatal shooting, according to Mexican law enforcement officials and the Reuters News Agency. The two suspects were captured in Agua Prieta, in an operation conducted by the Mexican Army. Rumors surrounding this arrest, indicate that high level communications between Mexico and United States may involve talks about both this killing and the many deaths of Mexican nationals by Border Patrol agents along the border

Sheriff Dever Was Traveling 62 MPH, not Wearing a Seat Belt – According to Black Box Data

A preliminary report on the accidental death of Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever indicates that he was traveling 62 miles per hour on a gravel road, and not wearing a seat belt, when his truck veered off to the left, as the road turned to the right. His air bag failed and he was killed immediately.

These details are found in a preliminary report, based on black box data and eye witness accounts.