Local Reporter Refused Public Information – Only ‘Credentialed Media’ Allowed

David M. MorganDavid Morgan, of the Cochise County Record, published a report by Jonathon Shacat, an internationally recognized journalist who was denied access to public information while researching a story on the current crossings along the border.

Mr. Shacat reports that, “Victor Brabble, Manager of the Southwest Border Joint Information Center, Office of Public Affairs, addressed only the concerns about credentials and credibility, and ignored entirely the substantive current news questions about immigration enforcement activity.”

According to Mr. Morgan,

“These are folks with a federal office of public information. Perhaps we are in the age of Orwell’s 1984″ and they are practicing newspeak. Experienced military field officers,? and we’ve got a lot of them around here,? will confirm that a primary task of the invading force is to take control of local communications.?

More of this story is available at the Cochise County Record, and other stories that are hard to find in the local media.