Songs for the 99% – Bisbee Belugas sing Shady Grove

bisbee balugas shady grove 3Bisbee Belugas sing Shady Grove. Filmed at the Bisbee Farmer’s Market Earth Day celebration 2014, by Elle Loneprotester.

bisbee balugas shady groveShady Grove my little love
Shady Grove my darlin’
Shady Grove my little love
I’m a goin’ back to harlem

Went to see my Shady Grove
She’s a standin in the door
Her shoes and stockins in her hand
And her little bare feet on the floor


Lips as red as the bloomin Rose
And eyes o’ the prettiest brown
She’s the darling of my heart
Prettiest little thing in town


I wish I had a big fine horse
And corn to feed him on
And Shady Grove to stay at home
And feed him when I’m gone


When I was a little boy
I wanted a Barlowe knife
And now I want little Shady Grove
To say she’ll be my wife

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