Mitt Romney’s Mexican Mormon Kin, and Border Mayhem Ignored by Media

Mexican Mormons related to Mitt Romney make a stand against the local drug dealers, while holding together colonies that are secure havens for Mormon polygamists.

Shane Smith, of Vice, reports on the fascinating history of the Mormons in Chihuahua, and the relatives of Mitt Romney who still farm and raise their families in colonies that were established as sanctuaries from American prosecutions and persecutions.

The Mexican Drug War is being ignored by both the Romney and Obama campaigns, as the collateral damage caused by American drug policies continues to destroy lives and families on both sides of the border.

Taking drug authority away from policing and giving the ability to prescribe drugs back to doctors would medicalize the drug war and drain the violence, as prohibition would be replaced by prescriptions, and jails would be replaced by rehabilitation and counseling.


You can count on both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to continue the Drug War, and continue to support jails over rehab.