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Bisbee Plastic Bag Ban Wins Again

Last Tuesday, City of Bisbee Council Voted 4 to 3 in favor of the ordinance banning plastic bags in the Bisbee city limits. Lots of heat, as our local Tea Party wrangles another loss.

Despite the complaints about this being a taxation without represention, the City of Bisbee will continue to be the most progressive and diverse town in Arizona.

Palominas Tea Party activist complains ‘Anti-Mexican’ label kills our border control business

KTVK reported last week that Arizona state Sen. Al Melvin (R) was pushing to purchase $18 million of equipment to build a sonic “virtual fence” from a company owned by American Border Patrol leader Glenn Spencer.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has classified the American Border Patrol as a “hate group,” calling it “one of the most virulent anti-immigrant groups around.”

On Friday, Spencer provided Raw Story with a letter that he said his attorneys sent to the SPLC threatening legal action.

“For the past several years, your organization has unfairly mischaracterized Mr. Spencer as a racist who hates the Mexican population based upon misinformation and misrepresentation that Mr. Spencer’s ideology is ‘anti-immigrant,’” the letter says.