Two Border Patrol Agents Shot Near Naco, Nicholas Ivie Fatally Injured


Two Border Patrol Agents were shot in a gun battle east of  Naco, Arizona in the early morning. At approximately 1:30 AM, the agents engaged in a shoot out, during  a foot patrol. One died of injuries, while the surviving agent was airlifted to Tucson. A third agent was uninjured. Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie, age 30, was killed at the scene.

The three agents were patrolling a trail when two were shot approximately seven miles east of Bisbee, in a region with low hills and desert terrain. They were  on foot, rather than horseback as erroneously reported.

A search for the killer(s) is being conducted by the FBI, and the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, with helicopters, and several agents on horseback searching the area for clues and perpetrators.

Law enforcement sources claim that two  suspects may have been captured in Mexico.



More details to come…