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Palominas Tea Party activist complains ‘Anti-Mexican’ label kills our border control business

KTVK reported last week that Arizona state Sen. Al Melvin (R) was pushing to purchase $18 million of equipment to build a sonic “virtual fence” from a company owned by American Border Patrol leader Glenn Spencer.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has classified the American Border Patrol as a “hate group,” calling it “one of the most virulent anti-immigrant groups around.”

On Friday, Spencer provided Raw Story with a letter that he said his attorneys sent to the SPLC threatening legal action.

“For the past several years, your organization has unfairly mischaracterized Mr. Spencer as a racist who hates the Mexican population based upon misinformation and misrepresentation that Mr. Spencer’s ideology is ‘anti-immigrant,’” the letter says.

Obama Breaks Record with 2 Million Deportations

As the number of deportations under President Obama approaches 2 million people and immigration reform lags under Republican obstruction, undocumented immigrants are fighting back through acts of civil disobedience. Hundreds have gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border this week to support a group of undocumented youths and families seeking re-entry into the United States.

Batalla por la Plaza en Agua Prieta

Juan Carlos Ruiz Olvera presenta La Batalla por la Plaza en Agua Prieta. Una intensa balacera que se escuchó por diferentes rumbos de la ciudad, se vivió los primeros minutos, dejando un saldo preliminar de por lo menos un muerto, 3 vehículos destrozados a balazos, un complejo de departamentos baleado y cinco heridos que están siendo atendidos por la Cruz Roja local.

The Constitution-Free Zone of the United States – Bill of Rights Waived Goodbye

Did you know that Cochise County and even Tucson is a land with a different interpretation of the Bill of Rights than the rest of the United States?

Within 100 miles of the border, the federal government has assumed extraordinary power to search and seize individuals without warrants, or probable cause.

Are you aware that nearly 2/3 of the entire US population (197.4 million people) live within 100 miles of the US land and coastal borders?