Fire Restrictions in Southern Arizona Prohibit Fires and Smoking Outdoors

Fire restrictions, effective May 7th, are in effect for Southern Arizona parks and public lands.

From the Tucson Sentinel:

The restrictions are in effect for the following state parks and State Trust and Arizona Department of Transportation lands:

  • All State Trust Lands and Department of Transportation Lands located outside of municipalities within Cochise County, Santa Cruz County, Pima County, Pinal County south of the Gila River, Graham County south of the San Carlos Reservation, and Greenlee County south of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.
  • Manhattan Claims
  • Clarence May Memorial Wildlife Area
  • Sierra Vista Shooting Range
  • White Water Draw Wildlife Area
  • Willcox Playa Wildlife Area
  • Yarbrough
  • Cluff Ranch Wildlife Area
  • Catalina State Park in Pima County
  • Arivaca Lake and Land in Pima County
  • Santa Rita Wildlife Area in Pima County
  • Three Points Shooting Range in Pima County
  • Tucson Mountain Wildlife Area in Pima County
  • Kartchner Caverns State Park in Cochise County
  • Roper Lake State Park in Graham County
  • Picacho State Park in Pinal County
  • Patagonia State Park in Santa Cruz County
  • Sonoita Creek State Natural Area in Santa Cruz County
  • San Rafael State Natural Area in Santa Cruz County

The BLM also has prohibited the off-road use of motor vehicles, except when parking in an area clear of vegetation within 10 feet of a roadway.

A violation of the fire prevention order could result in a fine of up to $1,000 or as much as 12 months in prison, the BLM said. Federal, state and local law enforcement and firefighters are exempt from the restrictions.