Mysteries of the Desert – Judge Seals Brian Terry Homicide Records

Last May, federal prosecutors announced an indictment against the alleged killers of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed in a firefight near Arivaca last year on December 14th.

Tim Stellar, of the Arizona Daily Star, reports that the case against the alleged killers has been apparently sealed by a federal judge, with the  files disappearing from court records.

The Brian Terry murder has become a flashpoint for every policy and tactic that has failed in the drug war.

Besides rules of engagement issues, Fast and Furious weapons found at the scene, an informer’s missing gun, resignations at high levels of the ATF and DOJ, and denials of criminal activities from nearly everyone in the Bush/Obama administration, this Mystery of the Desert is a tragedy of policies that militarize rather than medicalize the enormous illicit drug markets.

Would you rather have your personal doctor prescribe drugs, or would you prefer your illicit drugs to be more dangerous?

During Prohibition, doctors had licenses for prescribing up to three pints of whiskey and other spirits a month, “for medicinal purposes only”. There are better ways to win the drug wars than using military tactics and prohibition agents. We already have licensed doctors and pharmacists who can safely prescribe drugs that need regulation and experts to administer them. Your local pharmacist controls drugs better than men with guns.